• Producent: Bloomsbury Publishing
  • Kategoria: Literatura obcojęzyczna
  • ISBN: 9781472901880
This is a vital resource tool to aid in the learning, developing and/or refining stages of basketball coaching. Specific topics include:. Developing players and creating teams, including skills and techniques training, tactical training, and physical preparation for each individual position. Structures and organisations involved in managing the game, how to organise events, etc.. Up-to-date elite level coaching skills, such as performance analysis, talent identification, which can be used at all levels. Focusing on the European coaching and playing style approach, the book is also supported aby examples from countries with a tradition in basketball and has a sport management dimension added for a better understanding of the context in which basketball is coached and played. The book is illustrated throughout, providing step-by-step sequence photographs and diagrams to explain all the drills, which will lead to a better understanding of this dynamic and popular sport.

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