A Family Affair (9781911596158) - OKAZJE

chwilowy brak towaru

  • Producent: Spiderwize
  • Kategoria: Literatura obcojęzyczna
  • ISBN: 9781911596158
Sam picked up her phone; she was worried when she heard the break in Tom's voice as he gasped. "Sammy I have had the most terrible evening. It was Sophie Stevens. Promise me you won't look in the papers tomorrow." Sam was perplexed. "Sophie?" she asked her husband. "The papers? What do you mean?" "She set me up, Sammy." ---- In her suite in the hotel in Brussels, Sophie Stevens was livid. How dare Tom West continue to cast her aside?" She hatched her wicked plan. If Tom didn't want her - then he wouldn't have Sam either. She paid the actress who had played the part of her maid and caught the next Euro Star back to Kent ready to put her evil plan into action.

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